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AUDIO: @LucidOptics Joins Illogic (@illogic614) and @museumuk in their Mad Lab to Break Down Modern Language (@modern_language)

Modern Language

Modern Language, Illogic, and Museum Present Mad Lab

Mad LabHip Hop collective Modern Language, is headed by California wordsmith Lucid Optics, and UK producer Museum.  The group presented us with their new single “Mad Lab”, from the album “An Offer You Can Totally Refuse“. Ohio emcee Illogic makes a welcomed guest appearance on Mad Lab after a successful reception of “Penciled In” earlier this year. Lucid Optics and Illogic form a second creative team called Lucid Logic. Each collective, and each member brings something unique to music in general; but especially to today’s market in which everyone sounds so much alike. We’re happy to welcome both Modern Language and Lucid Logic to our playlists for sure! Reflecting on his relationship with UK producer Museum, and the collaboration “Mad Lab” Lucid Optics tells our sources, “Museum doesn’t know it, but this beat was the greatest twentieth birthday present I could’ve asked for,” says Lucid. “I was in a lot of turmoil in that period and still getting used to all the chaos around me. The main theme is realizing the power and potential human beings have while being surrounded by people who don’t. I also met one of my favorite artists while we were working on this project and we became friends after playing a show at the Honey Hive in San Francisco. I think my verse leaves room and unanswered questions, which isn’t always a bad thing, but Illogic really ties it together with that sort of spoken word piece. I’m super grateful to be working on more music with both of these dudes.” Overall the collaborative efforts of these musicians flow well. Listen to Modern Language’s 2015 release OK Text Me and current album An Offer You Can Totally Refuse to enjoy more Hip Hop that actually sounds like Hip Hop.

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