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American Hustle – Lord Sosa (@LordSosaMusic)

Lord Sosa Says:

“Welcome to America! The land of the Free, Right?

Wrong, since I can remember everything in America you had to hustle for it. Whether it was a nine to five, starting up your personal business, or becoming a neighborhood street pharmacist, in America you have to get it or die. Growing up in the streets of New York was and still is like that for most in these 5 boroughs.


Here is a story about a kid growing up always being told NO, or was given negative advice, and was even told I may not live past the age of 16. I got involved with the street life, but at the same time learned how to gain from those experiences, and tend to find a love for hustling in many ways for my family. This hustle has led me to many state-wide connections, an introduction to better living, cooking, and most importantly music in the rap game. I use my skills to continue to grow my dreams, and brand.”


Take this journey as Lord Sosa creates a image of art for you thru pain, anger, hate, love, and positive energy all in one disc. Lord Sosa Has worked tremendously hard thru blood, sweat, tears, money and energy to give his Lord’s the best project. Creating sounds to help you get thru your days, dance in clubs, have fun at parties, long road trips or even in the mood with that special someone, AMERICAN HUSTLE is built to give you those experiences.

So please take a minute to download and enjoy this epic journey thru the mind and experiences of upcoming Hip Hop artist LORD SOSA. Oh Lord!


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