Our Approach

The overall focus is to offer each client with their very own affordable personalized development plan and the best avenues of execution digitally, and offline.

When there is an understanding of the process, it provides the client with a clearer path. It is very important to offer knowledge and empower clients along the way.

Development and monetization can be very challenging. If you’re lacking the education, or just need that boost, Get Lifted Entertainment is here to help.

Strategically developing a plan to amplify your vision, guiding you towards positive ideas, your brand will Get Lifted.


The Story

While working with one of her very first clients and their company, Magi Love realized how many independent artists, as well as entrepreneurs, are lacking the knowledge to monetize their brands digitally.

One other need discovered was, many creators are excited to market digitally, but have no idea how or where to start.

Being a novice in any field can be challenging and intimidating. With practical guidance and leadership, you will become more experienced than ever.

Building your confidence, and drive to get lifted. Dedication, focus, and structure are very important elements in the equation of developing a vision.

By uniting, and working with a team of like-minded people, Get Lifted Entertainment was started to help relieve the challenges of improving your digital marketing development.



Magi Love

Founder & CEO

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